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Software Development

Our focus is navigating the intricacies of technology so that you are equipped with informed options and reliable, efficient software solutions

Full-Time Development

Get the benefit of a dedicated team of developers highly experienced in software development and engineering who are 100% focused on making your vision a reality.

Part-Time Development

Need a team of developers with a broad knowledge base to complete a specific, temporary objective? Whether long-term or short, we can help with that.

Project Management

We provide project management and technical consulting services to organize your initiatives through the entire development life cycle with the efficiency and know-how of someone working within your organization.

User Interface & User Experience Design

Building robust, high-performance software isn't enough. We also strive to create software designs that are both intuitive and visually appealing so that your software not only does its best, but looks its best as well.

Bridge Expertise & Knowledge Gaps

Recognizing that not every department speaks the same language, we work to close these gaps as communication liaisons, so nothing gets lost in translation.

Our Services

We are grounded in practicality and aimed at simplifying the complexities of software development

From AI to web development, we provide you with a team of developers who are effective collaborators, knowledgeable in their fields, and well-versed in technical-to-business communication.

AI Integration

We maximize the capabilities of AI by setting a strong foundation built from your data to ensure it is a tailor-made fit. With that foundation, users gain the power to interact, build, or improve with a tool that is both relevant and useful to your operations.

Software Integration

Our software integrated engineering capabilities can supply you with backend integrations that are high-performing and scalable. A harmonious unification of multiple systems for optimum operability and data sharing.

Multi-Platform Applications

Get robust applications built to work across several platforms, and work well. Whether it’s a simple bridge between web and mobile—or even desktop—or a highly collaborative, real-time SAAS, we can help you build the tool that best fits your needs.


We strive to create designs that are both intuitive and visually appealing, and not only for user experience. We also offer graphic design and marketing services so that your software and your branding look their best.

Our Specialties

Multi-platform Desktop Applications

Highly Collaborative Real-time SAAS

Custom Applications for Government Use

Web Applications

Mobile Backend

High Performance Backend Integrations

Healthcare Technology

Software Integrated Engineering

Industrial Automation Software

Core Compentencies

Fluid and fluent.


Our experience with working in multiple programming languages means you benefit from our extensive knowledge that includes (but is never limited to):








Java Script







Past Performance

Generative AI Assistant

Created a Generative AI assistant — leveraging AWS Bedrock and vector database search — that is fully trained on all company policies to efficiently field employees’ policy queries.

On-Premise Hardware to Cloud

Orchestrated the move of an international enterprise system from on-premises hardware to AWS Cloud servers and developed modernized cloud services.

AI Integrated Data Analysis and Discrepancy Detection

Developed an AI integration solution that performs data quality analysis and enhances user capability to detect and resolve data discrepancies.

Modernized COTS Software Solutions

Created lower cost, modernized software solutions developed in COTS product environments to replace aging legacy systems.

Critical Custom Software and Partner Interfaces

Sustained and enhanced long-lived, critical custom software and partner interface services.

Custom Active-Active Database Replication

Developed a custom active-active database replication solution utilizing highly scalable Confluent Kafka technology as a replacement for aging legacy methods.

Let's build together!

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