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Simply Supportive: Marking Another Year as a Sponsor of the Carolina Code Conference

carolina code conference logo

Simply Binary is proud to be a Silver level sponsor of the upcoming 2024 Carolina Code Conference on August 23rd and 24th. Being a “polyglot”—as the conference likes to say—has never been more important in this ever-changing landscape of programming languages and emerging technologies. We believe it’s important for coders of all types to have a like-minded space in which they can share knowledge and experiences. Because the more we share, the more we can grow together.

Since the conference’s inception in 2018, Simply Binary has been a legacy supporter and we are honored to continue to be involved in this event as it continues to expand each year. We look forward to another incredible conference and to enjoying the conversations, the community, and the camaraderie.

To learn more about the Carolina Code Conference and all of the other impressive things they do throughout the year, we recommend that you visit their website!


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