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Partner Highlight: Kreative Technologies

Simply Binary is delighted to highlight our partner, Kreative Technologies.

Since 2013, Kreative has proven itself dedicated to providing strong information systems and security management within the federal healthcare sector. Kreative excels in full application development services, navigating projects through the entire Software Development Life Cycle, expediting the RMF and FedRAMP A&A process, along with architecting and implementing software solutions across diverse platforms, including cloud-native solutions on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. What’s more, their growth over the years generated numerous job opportunities in their home base of Fairfax, Virginia.

They have been peerless in blending cybersecurity into all software development projects. Their secure coding practices, microservice applications, and continuous integration and delivery methods ensure the highest protection of digital assets for esteemed clients like the DHA, VA, Air Force, and FEMA. Through it all, Kreative Technologies continues to maintain a commitment to advancing mission-critical operations for the U.S. Government.

Being a part of Kreative’s excellence since 2018 is an honor and a pleasure for all of us at Simply Binary. Their thorough approach to improving federal healthcare services by addressing all aspects of technology is a shining example to everyone and we continue to strive to embody those values as we work with them.

To learn more about Kreative Technologies, LLC, visit their website!


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