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Making The Complex Simple

Elegant web, mobile, and desktop solutions for complex problems using contemporary technologies

1 Prepare

Through story carding and wireframing sessions, we gather, analyze, and strategize the details and requirements of your future application into a plan to build a product on time and under budget.

2 Create

Using a continuous cycle of feedback and validation we build your application using contemporary and industry-standard technologies to build a first rate product that will last and fullfill the needs of your users.

3 Evolve

We love change and our build process makes responding to change a breeze. Whether it’s on going maintenance for security and technology updates or new features bringing us back to step one, we are here to support your needs.

Services We Offer

  • Preparation

    The first step in our software development process is so useful that we offer it as a stand-alone service. The work products from our story carding and wireframing sessions can be used to test out an idea and discover whether it can be built on time and under budget. Once created, you own the wireframes and can use them however you like.

  • Training

    You can hire us to train you and your team in several contemporary and industry-standard technologies like Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Node.js, Go, PHP, and CakePHP. We can provide tailored classroom style instruction or one-on-one pairing sessions, depending on the needs of your team.

  • Consulting

    We can help your team get started using contemporary and industry-standard technologies and a sane development process. From planning, design, testing, deployment, and operations, we’ve got you covered.

  • Development

    You can come to us with your own designs, mockups, or wireframes and we’ll build your software using our battle-hardened software development process. We’ll be in constant communication and the product will exceed your expectations.

  • Operations

    We will help you choose the best cloud provider to match the needs of your software. Whether you want to deploy and scale, or have us manage your existing infrastructure, we’ve got you covered.

Recent Work

Barbri | Law Preview
Barbri | Law Preview

Training for the nation's top law students. Helping you to organize, prepare, and conquer law school and exams. Currently responsible for supporting both back-end and front-end development in PHP and Javascript.


Re-imagining how you organize, collect, and browse all your photos in one place so you can easily capture, discover, and relive life. Currently responsible for operations and development from the desktop to the web in JavaScript, Go, Objective-C, and C#.

Kona by Deltek
Kona by Deltek

Social collaboration for projects and teams. A virtual equivalent to an open office environment for any organization to connect, stay organized, and be productive. We were hired for our extensive knowledge of ruby and worked on the project from first commit to years after launching.


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Meet the Team

Pete Broderick

Pete Broderick Co-Owner

Pete has been writing software professionally for over a decade. He has had the pleasure of working on many software applications from conception to maintenance, for clients large and small. He is passionate about learning which keeps his skills sharp and ahead of the curve.

Justin Nash

Justin Nash Co-Owner

Justin has a decade’s worth of experience designing and managing software infrastructure. His ability to troubleshoot and understand complex systems is unparalled. When he’s not busy designing our infrastructure, keeping our costs minimized, and our production systems stable, he also enjoys writing software.

Andrew Lechowicz

Andrew Lechowicz Software Engineer

Andrew brings a wide array of talents to our team including software development and sound production. In addition to having an uncanny ability to eloquently reduce complex topics to simple concepts, he also ensures that our software is well factored and well tested.

Lindsay Broderick

Lindsay Broderick QA Manager

Lindsay is extremely detail oriented. Having been around software companies her entire life, she is able to quickly get up to speed and develop a solid test plan. She ensures that the software we ship to production is rock solid.

Joel Taddei

Joel Taddei Software Engineer

Joel can do it all. Whether a project needs guidance, development, or some help leveling up an existing team, Joel is ready to jump in and be remarkably effective.